Event Details

Guest Speaker

  • James Hinkle - General Manager, Capstone Nutrition

When & Where

June 23rd 2020, Online Webinar

Who Should Attend

Redzone Community Members Only

Upskilling operators & reducing plant downtime

Join Capstone Nutrition as they share how they evolved their maintenance program to improve operator ownership and enhance the partnership between their Production & Maintenance Teams; resulting in a 37% productivity improvement.

This webinar will be focused on how your Production and Maintenance teams can partner together to share the workload, upskilling the operators while relieving some of the strain on the maintenance techs. It will also illustrate how the maintenance module supports this activity and enhances the partnership between the two departments, removing barriers and frustration.

As always, we will highlight some of the key communication usage and wins across the community for you all to see and learn from.