Celebrating one year of our Maintenance Module & Miracle Results

Guest Speakers

  • Jaden Markos - Capstone Nutrition
  • Casey Wyss - Whitehall Specialties
  • Valentino Lascano - Soft Gel Technologies

When & Where

Oct 6th 2020, Online Webinar

Who Should Attend

Redzone Community Members Only

Celebrating One Year of our Maintenance Module & Miracle Results

It's a whole year year since we introduced our 'Advanced Reference Program', highlighting the new Maintenance module capabilities. The live demonstration at Pack Expo kicked off a ground swell of excitement for the capabilities that this new module provided. 

In these last 12 months 46 Redzone customers across 58 plants have used the 'Advanced Suite' modules and have seen the following results:

- Significant improvements in their operator's skill levels
- Increase in their Maintenance Department responsiveness & fewer breakdowns
- An average of 21% productivity gain during the Maintenance module
- An average of 30% uplift during the Start, Run and Change modules 

Results like these, across such a large portion of the Advanced community, are certainly something to be celebrated!!!

​​Join this webinar to hear:

1. Three 'Advanced Reference Program' customers discussing how their workforce has evolved by using Redzone's Maintenance, Start, Run & Changeover modules. Listen to their own unique experiences/stories that led to the significant output and cultural improvements achieved. 

2. A review and celebration of the collective results that have been achieved by the 'Advanced Reference Program' Community.

3. A summary of the 'Advanced Reference Program' pricing and benefits. The special Reference Program rates end in December when the Continuous Improvement Suite is introduced!