Event Details

Guest Speakers

  • Dawn Summers - QA Operational Manager, Crest Foods
  • Jessica Guenther - QA Supervisor, Crest Foods

When & Where

Dec 1, 2020, Online Webinar

Who Should Attend

Redzone Community Members Only

First Time Right: Eliminating Common Defects From Your Process

Join Crest Foods as they share how their team set out to reduce labeling/coding errors with Redzone and ultimately transformed their entire quality program. What started as a digital transformation steamrolled it’s success into a new level of collaboration with operations and a whole new ability to bring visibility and real-time quality assurance to their shop floor.

This webinar will focus on how your Quality Assurance and Operations teams can apply the Redzone Compliance module to systematically identify and eliminate the sources of quality holds/failures on your shop floor. Guest speakers Dawn Summers and Jessica Guenther will explain how their team harnessed the power of multimedia data items, mobile quality workstations, and bluetooth integration to finally crack the code on their most difficult quality defect sources. In addition, we will also explore how the Crest team reinvested time saved to double down on their partnership with Operations and enhance their level of in-process quality monitoring.

As always, we will highlight some of recent wins from within the Redzone Community and new features to keep an eye out for.